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I remember the day she walked into my clubhouse with Bones. That brother was so in love with her. Then she smiled and I got why. She became family from that day, then she had Bones’ two little girls. It was my job to watch over them while he was serving our country. We Dark Disciples take care of our own.


That bitch lied. She said I had a choice. Now, I want out and she’s calling for my life. Kill or be killed. Good luck because I’m not the one that’s going to die. I made her a promise. I’ll always have her back. A heavy promise to make in our line of work. But it’s done. The agency won’t stop until she’s erased.




I’m Bishop… Bishop Love. I haven’t written a new song in four years. My label has me by the balls to come up with my next project by the end of this tour. If I don’t produce, I’m going to be in deep shit. Fuck it! Maybe it’s my time… or maybe not.






Our greatest fears can cripple us. They can strip us of life, happiness and worst of all love. I’ve allowed her fears to keep us apart for years. Partly because I understand their root. She has a right to them. But now, I have my own fear. The fear of losing her and never living the life I’ve come to want so badly.





What do you do when your prey is offered to you on a platter? You pounce. I’ve wanted her for far too long. Now… now, I’m going to fuck her until she’s breathless and her last breath is used to gasp my name. I can already hear it. Dominic.


I thought all was lost. I’d never get her back. I’ve been lost since things went so damn wrong. There’s only one reason I haven’t made her mine. Now, that reason is gone and I’m not taking another breath without her.


My world is changing, but it’s starting to feel like good change. Needed change. However, the one thing I didn’t expect to change is the one thing that will turn my life around forever.

Secrets are revealed and danger threatens to cause the past to repeat. Will we learn that love can overcome anything or will we be jaded forever and unhappy no matter what we try?


I don’t understand what has happened. All I know is that I love my husband and want him to find his dream and be happy. If that means I have to let him go, I will.



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