A Million to Blow Book 1 in A Million Series She doesn’t know I’ve been waiting for her. I’ve been planning since I first laid eyes on her. Now’s my chance. Save the day and get my woman. That’s the plan…if only it were that easy.

I knew she was the one from the first time I saw her in that coffee shop. Time, age, life just made it impossible for us to be together. I thought I was the one making all the hard decisions and sacrifices in our relationship. In the end, my sacrifices amount to nothing and now I have to call on every power that be to make things right with the only woman for me. That is if our secrets don’t burn us to ashes first.



That bitch lied. She said I had a choice. Now, I want out and she’s calling for my life. Kill or be killed. Good luck because I’m not the one that’s going to die. I made her a promise. I’ll always have her back. A heavy promise to make in our line of work. But it’s done. The agency won’t stop until she’s erased.

I’m Bishop… Bishop Love. I haven’t written a new song in four years. My label has me by the balls to come up with my next project by the end of this tour. If I don’t produce, I’m going to be in deep shit. Fuck it! Maybe it’s my time… or maybe not.






Our greatest fears can cripple us. They can strip us of life, happiness and worst of all love. I’ve allowed her fears to keep us apart for years. Partly because I understand their root. She has a right to them. But now, I have my own fear. The fear of losing her and never living the life I’ve come to want so badly.





What do you do when your prey is offered to you on a platter? You pounce. I’ve wanted her for far too long. Now… now, I’m going to fuck her until she’s breathless and her last breath is used to gasp my name. I can already hear it. Dominic.

I don’t understand what has happened. All I know is that I love my husband and want him to find his dream and be happy. If that means I have to let him go, I will.



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