Dane by Blue Saffire

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Award winning, Bestselling, Author Blue Saffire presents


Dane: Book 2 Dark Disciples Series


I’ve had a thing for Nina “New York City” aka Sure Shot for years. I’ve never acted on it because we share a secret neither of us wants to get out. Now she’s in town and I’m not in the mood to hide how I feel. That’s not going to get me what I want.


Turns out we’re perfect for each other. However, right as I know we have something worth fighting for, someone tries to ruin it all.




I had my heartbroken and I never thought I’d open up again. Leave it to me to find the right one as I’m leaving a mess behind. Or have I? When some darn good evidence of betrayal is dropped in my lap, I’m done. I have nothing to say to Dane. No matter how much I love him.


Too bad my father doesn’t know how to mind his business. Although, this once, I’m glad he didn’t.


Can we fix what someone else tried to ruin? Will I deal with my past and fix what’s broken? Or will it all burn to the ground?