Wounded by Blue Saffire

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Award winning, Bestselling, Author Blue Saffire presents

Wounded: Book 1 Discipline Disciples Series



I turned up in Fire Crest to find a connection to my dead father. All I knew was that he used to be the VP of the Dark Disciples. What I wasn’t excepting was to find him alive. However, that wasn’t the only mind blowing thing I found.

In Fire Crest I found my dad, a family, my best friend and love of my life. She was trouble from day one but I still fell hard. We shouldn’t have kept things a secret and that’s probably why it all blew up in my face.



I never wanted to fall in love. Being like my sister—always in love or like my mom—brokenhearted after losing my dad, was never an option. I had every intention of living life without falling. Then he came into town. My new friend stole my heart right under my nose. In my twenty year old mind I couldn’t allow that.

Now I want to go home and Uncle Trip needs a favor. Teddy needs my services. So I’m back in Fire Crest and Teddy is determined to break through my walls.

Can he forgive me for the lie I told? Can I fix his image or will this be the first client I fail? Or will our past destroy it all?