Trip By Blue Saffire

Award winning, Bestselling, Author Blue Saffire presents

Trip: Book 3 Dark Disciples Series


My past has left me jaded. I gave my trust to a woman and she poured gasoline on it. Now women are for fun. I don’t need them for anything more.

That is until she walks into town. I know she’s mine from the time she walks in on me with my pants down. However, something goes wrong and I don’t know what.


I’m not in Fire Crest for love. I’m here to save my life. Something I can’t tell Ma or my stepfather who happens to be a Dark Disciple. Goldie treats me like his own daughter, he’ll step in if I tell him.

I do anything to help the sweet man who loves my Ma so much. So when he asks me to be Trip’s fake fiancée, I put my grudge with the older, sexy biker aside and do my part.

Will we fool everyone or get fooled? Is the past in the past or will it come back to haunt us? Can we walk away with our hearts or will they fall victim to dark desires, rumors, and greed?

Find out in this final installment of the Dark Disciples Series.