Room 112 by Blue Saffire

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Room 112

Award winning, Bestselling, Author Blue Saffire presents


Room 112




I shut down after losing my wife and all the events that followed. For all the money I have I wasn’t able to find a way to save her life. I’ll admit I’ve been bitter since. Then she comes to my island. Yolanda sparks something inside of me.

I had only wanted to be a wing man for my cousin. I had no idea I would fall for the vixen with the gorgeous smile and infectious laugh. Then she was gone, but her presence shook something in me.




I had planned to stay far away from Maxen Thornton. My boys always come first and I felt I owed it to them to try to make things work with their father one more time. However, my ex decides to blindside me at my mother’s wedding, driving me right back into the arms of the man who has been living in my head rent free since I allowed him to turn me out on his island.


With Max, I know the rules. His job is to protect, pleasure, pamper, and provide for me. It brings him pleasure to feed, f*ck, and finance me. I’m his to please. I’m not to worry and I don’t have to do anything but allow him to take care of me.


Will he be able to prove his rules work in my real world? Can my ex let go and allow me to find happiness? Will his past come to tear it all apart? Or will Room 112 be the start of the life I’ve always wanted.