Professor Jones by Blue Saffire

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Award winning, Bestselling, Author Blue Saffire presents


Professor Jones: Book 1 Bay Breeze Peaks Series




I needed to get away to clear my head. My wife of twenty years decided to cheat on me. Me. I gave her the world and she gave me her backside to kiss until she figured out the grass wasn’t greener.

I’m wealthy. I’m a tenured college professor at a prestigious university. I’m a master at sex. What more did she want? It doesn’t matter because I’m done. Her new family can have her. Time and space is what I need.

Then I run into her. The woman of my dreams.




I need to take a moment to realign my vision for my future. I lost my way. While I’ve applied for my dream job, I’m still not sure what’s next.

Then I’m knocked over by a man who couldn’t be more made for me. Although I’m not the type of woman to have a vacation fling or am I?

Major changes alter our lives. Will we find each other again? Will we each find the big life we’re looking for? Or will we just teach each other a lesson to get what we really want?