12 Rounds by Blue Saffire


Award winning, Bestselling, Author Blue Saffire presents

12 Rounds: Book 2 Discipline Disciples Series



Disciplined Disciples was my idea. I knew my sister needed a way back. I had no idea it would lead us both to find love. At the time, I didn’t know I had no clue how to find the real thing.


Then I met the best friend I didn’t know I needed. I won’t deny the attraction between us. The chemistry is there. However, given my track record, the last thing I need to do is date a client. 


As long as I work for Fletcher Gordon, I can only ever be his friend. Which isn’t a bad idea since men always disappoint me and I’m terrible at choosing them. 


Besides, Fletch has secrets and all I want is love. 




She walked into my life six months ago. I wasn’t expecting her or how she showed up for me. Every time we’re alone, we’re drawn to each other. We’ve almost kissed a few times, but we can’t go there as long as I’m a client. 


But I want her. Her ex is out of the way and I’ll be damned if I allow someone else to step in my place. So, she’s fired and all I want is 12 Rounds. 12 weeks for her to see that I’m the one. I’m the one to love her, the one to take care of her, and the only one who will ever make her…


The question is…. Am I enough? Will she run from my secrets, my truth? Or is she the one with the past that will destroy us? Only a Disciplined Disciple can pull you back from the dark.