Always by Blue Saffire


She’s been wanting in my bed for a long, long time. I should’ve shut that shit all the way down, but I’ve been flirting with Misty for years. That is… until one night she decides to take things into her own hands. Our lives change forever because of that night.


I’ve known all my life what I’ve wanted. Blonde dreads, blue eyes, six five, and the Lost Souls Prez, King Kennedy. He’s all I want and I’m going to have him. He wants me too. My dad and age are just a big problem for him. Well, I’m ignoring all that. She has me now. I’m his old lady, but I’ve messed up big time. Can he forgive me? Can she stay out of trouble for five seconds? There are people that want to see us destroyed, but I’ve waited too long to be Property of King. I’m not letting shit get in the way of my family. Even if that means I have to get elbows deep. She drives me crazy, but I’ll put a motherfucker to ground for her. She is my world. The one tethering my soul to this life. I just need to tame her little ass to keep her out of trouble.